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  August 22 & 23, 2015 Initial Certification Course and exam or CE - Holiday Inn Express Cranberry Twp. PA 16066 ph 724-772-1000 make registration now for 2 day with national exam. 

  September 12 & 13, 2015 Initial Certification  Course and exam or CE - Holiday Inn Express  605 Venture Drive Morgantown, WV 

September 18, 2015 Akron Ohio   Northern Ohio ASHI    1 day Radon Seminar Akron Ohio   16 CE for the Radon Professional

October 16 & 17, 2015 Louisville, Kentucky - call Lori Keeney at PLI to register 502-989-2020. I will be the instructor of the Initial course and a national exam will be proctored by PLI.

Winter 2015 Returning to Georgia - Initial Course and National Exam. 

Learn how to write a QA program at all of our seminars!

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Course Descriptions

Radon Measurement Course for Testers, Labs and Mitigators

This course serves as: the Initial Radon Tester Certification, a Laboratory Course, a Prerequisite to a Mitigation Class or Continuing Education Credits 16 or 24. See seminar schedule below or order as a distant learning/home study. It  is also be good for 16 credits for real estate professionals.  

 Specifically approved by Ohio and WV

The distant learning/correspondence is acceptable by Ohio for CE only 

This is a NRPP approved course  NRPP42 or 42a16CECs or 42b 24CECs

This is a NRSB approved course www.nrsb.org 

Canadians may take the approved initial course; it will be Canada specific.

Become certified in radon and increase your overall profit.

Free - additional credits for professional groups such as ASHI, NAHI and INTER-NACHI

The 2014 passing rate for national exams was exceptional -  Thank you students for preparing and paying attention.

ALARA Health and Safety 16 CE 

This is for testers, mitigators, lab workers and other indoor air quality professionals including radiation safety officers. Covers radon, OSHA and state requirements and is a general safety refresher.

Offered as home study $150.00, Online $125.00, 2 day classroom $300.00, 1 day classroom only $150.00 - if you take this you will have to do 8 hrs of work on your own to get 16 CCs.

New  CE for the Radon PRO plus a free public outreach presentation. This is a 16 hour CE class with NRSB when taken online, home study or in a classroom. 

It is acceptable for 8 with NRPP in a class and 12 when taken online.  

*Scheduled Seminar Details*









Radon Measurement Course for Testers, Mitigators & Labs   

 August 8, 2015 Syracuse NY  - 1 day NRPP and NRSB Initial Radon Course for certification or 16 CE. For just $175.00 you can get 16 CE or take the initial course. You will have to read a bit on your own prior to attending the 1 day event in order to walk out with your certificate on the 8th. This is a great class and a great networking opportunity. Audit your QA program and get CE at the same time. If you are getting certified you will be able to take the national exam after class for $135.00. I will help you prepare for it if you sign up in time. Now is a good time!   

August 22 & 23, 2015 Initial Certification  Course Holiday Inn Express Cranberry Twp. PA 16066 ph 724-772-1000 taking registrations now! 16 CE or  2 day course  with national exam. 

September 12 & 13, 2015 Initial Certification  Course and exam or CE - Holiday Inn Express  605 Venture Drive Morgantown, WV 26508

September 18, 2015 Akron Ohio  Northern Ohio ASHI   Annual 1 day Radon Seminar Akron Ohio   16 CE for the Radon Professional Holiday Inn Registration and payment will be handled by Northern ASHI

October 16 & 17,  2015 Louisville Kentucky - call Lori Keeney at PLI to register 502-989-2020. I will be the instructor of the Initial course and the national exam will be proctored.

Winter 2015 Returning to Georgia - Initial Course and National Exam. 

 Initial certification course & national exam also serves as a mitigation prereq. or 16 CE

Sign up now to avoid scheduling conflicts or lack of exams. 

The National Exam will be offered after class on second day of a 2 day class and the day of any 1 day cram sessions. The cost of exam is $135.00. You do not have to attend the course to sit for the exam and you do not have to take the exam to learn about radon. You also don't have to take the exam if your are not ready. 

If you are taking this for CE there is no exam - just the course quizzes that we do in class. If taking for CE you may attend just 1 day and finish up on your own. Call or email now to get that info and you could walk out the door  with your certificate.  

This will satisfy: NRSB & NRPP, PA, WV & OH and most other states

To complete 24 credits for NRPP you have to read some items either before class or after.

Also get:  ASHI 2MRCs/NAHI 16CE/ InterNACHI 16CE

Price to attend one of my  2 day seminars: $300.00 and proctored national exam is $135.00. 
Courses taught for PLI are controlled and priced by PLI. 
Exam orders must be placed with a proctor in advance so please sign up  ASAP. 
It is a good seminar to attend for national exam prep 
Administrative staff may attend for $50.00. Administrative staff are individuals who answer phones, assist radon professionals with record keeping and anyone that just wants to learn about radon.
You may attend Saturday or Sunday only and get 16 credits for only $150.00; it is a great refresher.  If you choose to attend 1 day and need 16 CECs just finish up the additional material as a distant course/homestudy.

We always have lots of updated information and the latest industry happenings.

 Getting certified? Sign up now and receive your training materials early.

 Don't waste your money! If you are serious about business be serious about taking the national exam.  A link to the testing protocols is below-get them now and read up; also read the Citizens Guide to Radon, Home Buyers and Sellers Guide to Radon and Consumers Guide to Radon Reduction Guide. 

Students requirements: 

  1. Please specify which exam you prefer to take. If you don't know ask "what is a national exam?" I am not responsible for you taking the wrong national exam or for you not being registered, certified, proficient or ethical.
  2. Bring a calculator 
  3. Dress casual
  4. Ask questions if you are new and share your knowledge if you are experienced
  5. If you have a product or related service you may demo it or be asked to demo it. 

Other "need to knows":

  1. Withdrawal from a class after payment has been received will result in a 100$ processing fee. If you do not reserve an exam I cannot guarantee you an exam. Failure to show or cancel will get you no refund. 
  2. Substitutions are permitted.
  3. Registrations will be accepted up to 1 working day prior to a posted scheduled class however an exam may not be available but you can always take it at the next class.
  4. Class is subject to cancellation or postponement due to insufficient enrollment - full refunds will be given.
  5. Don't bring a computer and try to watch a movie during class! 
  6. If you fail the national exam after taking my course or just want to come back to class prior to actually conducting a radon test you can do so for free - yes free. You can retake the exam with me (if you fail) at a reduced rate.

If you want to suggest a location or sponsor me I travel to your facility or state.


DISTANT LEARNING (Home Study) - Study in  your own time at your own pace!

All radon courses are offered as a distant learning course - available at your convenience - work at your own pace- no time limit for completion as long as tuition is paid. Pricing for distant courses are as follows:

Initial measurement, lab or mitigation prerequisite only $175.00. This also includes my assistance in helping you prepare for a national exam.
A proctor is required for national exam completion. Contact either NRPP or National Radon Safety Board for assistance with distant learning courses and proctors. 
Are you looking for a proctor in western PA? Charles Toy is an accepted proctor and may be reached at: charlstoyradonservics@comcast.net 
The NRPP exam may be taken at a laser grade facility. 
Initial Course taken as a distant learning for 16 CECs is only $150.00
ALARA Health & Safety 16 CECs only $150.00, online only $125.00 
Continuing Ed for the Radon Pro 8 CECs plus a free public outreach is only $150.00, online only $125.00. not yet approved

Sorry but none of these are accepted by Florida or New Jersey.


3 Day presentation on radon in air and water measurement and mitigation is afforded 24 continuing education credits and is NRPP (42b) accepted. Take as a distant learning for only $150.00! 


The Initial Course prepares you to sit for a national or state radon measurement certification exam and it is an exceptional CE session- I will also assist you in preparing by offering you practice exams. 
Here are some of the documents needed to prepare for exams: Radon Measurement in SchoolsTesting in Homes Protocol & Device Protocols
Prepares you to conduct professional radon measurements 
Serves as the prerequisite for a radon mitigation technician course - its the 1st 2 days - why spend a whole week in a classroom when you can break it up! 2 exams in 1 week is brutal. 
Group sessions are available at your facility for only $250.00 per person - minimum 5 students
Travel expenses may be additional 

We also offer a 1 hour real estate talk for buyers, sellers, realtors, banks and relocation companies 

Initial course lesson plan includes the following:

Learn the regulations and application process including QA & QC             Test Devices - Gain hands on experience with instruments - learn to operate them and get pricing
Protocols  Mitigation Standards            
What is Radon & Radiation Fundamentals       Mitigation Systems and Installation
Radioactive Building Materials  New Home Construction Radon Resistant Features    
Radioactive Consumer Products Radon Testing in Large Buildings and Schools
Where Does Radon Come From?     Home Buyers & Sellers Guide   
Elevated Levels of Radon in Indoor Air  Guide to Radon Reduction 
Radon in Water and Testing Procedures  Radon in Water Mitigation
Radon Health Risks & Solutions - Studies Latest HUD Issues
Risk Communication & Ethics Sources of Information   
Citizens Guide to Radon    Real Estate Legal Issues  
National Exam Preparation


Learn how to test and analyze for radon in water and air, practice with instruments and get an idea of pricing.

 Learn the components of water and air mitigation systems.

Learn how to locate sources of radiation using a Geiger counter. Device placement is of most importance. Some sources of radiation may cause a bias high radon test. 


Learn how to make and utilize control charts, and exposure tracking spreadsheets. 

We also provide you with and go over all the forms necessary for you to be a compliant radon business. 

The Class is designed to be taken by:

Home Inspectors Radon Mitigators Health Physicists Radon Testers Realtors
Concerned Citizens Insurance Companies Builders/Plumbers Industrial Hygienists Financial Institutions
People who want to learn about radiation Landlords Renters School Officials State and County Officials

Register online (by clicking on the words "register now" up above) call 724-774-4535 and leave me your contact info or FAX it to 1-724-739-5248

Training begins at 8:00 - 5:00 pm and dress is casual.

The proctor will give you 2 hours to complete the exam on Sunday after class.

Payments can be made via paypal - to celiar@comcast.net, call me to pay with a credit card or mail me a check to: #1 Radon Tester,  LLC 122 W. 5th Avenue Derry, PA  15627.

Is your QA Program too time consuming, don't have one or are you having difficulty making control charts or spreadsheets? We can help! Check out our new service and our new AC lab. 

Don't have a QA plan? Ask me for an example or I will write one for you. 

*If you take a distant course and fail to actually read the material and fulfill your QA/QC requirement and/or are an unethical radon professional I am in no way responsible when a state or other entity has an issue with you.

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